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Buy Bulk Distressed Assets

Buy Bulk Distressed Assets

We can cater to bulk investors.

We periodically obtain Bulk portfolio /tapes of distressed assets (in different counties/areas).

Bulk property types are residential (Singles, Doubles, Multi unit, condo, land, and townhouse depending on area).

Discounts vary from about 50 – 80% CMV depending on the tape (some tapes we get are better than others).

The values will vary (lower or higher value properties).  You can cherry pick or buy in bulk.

Regarding cherry picking, if you buy 5 or more at one time you can usually get more of a discount.

Get registered as bulk asset buyers to buy bulk discounted properties and distressed assets.

We can obtain real product.

We try to put together deals at good discounts.

Our registered bulk asset buyers can also now make property request (type/condition/value/counties) and we will try to deliver.

Bulk REO buying is for serious investors that have experience and the ability to close quickly on a package.

To register/work with us you must:

  • Be a direct End-Buyer
  • Sign an NCND agreement (non-circumvent non-disclosure)
  • Be able to show proof of funds.

If you prequalify/register, then we can work with you continuously to buy discounted distressed assets.

If interested in more info or to get registered, please respond to the Bulk asset buyer questionnaire below and we will contact you at our earliest convenience.