"Alternate Solutions for Your Real Estate Needs"

Buy a Home

Home buyers can purchase the properties we have available.

Some of our Solutions:

If you have good credit and can get a bank mortgage/loan to buy our available properties, then we have a seller concession program that can sometimes lower the amount of cash you have to bring to closing.

If you don’t have good credit and can’t get a loan at the moment.

Programs for bruised Credit:

Why wait until you have perfect credit before you buy a home?

Most people believe their credit score has to be perfect before they can get into a home.

Maybe you had a few late payments on some monthly bills or medical bills.

Maybe you had a bankruptcy or a foreclosure a few years go.

Maybe you had a judgment that you just recently paid off.

Maybe you are self-employed.

There are many reasons why people hold themselves back from purchasing a home, but it doesn't have to be this way.
We can occasionally arrange seller financing or lease to own on some of the homes we have available.

We also have sweat equity property (Handy Specials) where you can do some of the fix up work yourself to lower the final sell price of the home you are purchasing. That way you can fix up the home the way you like.

With these programs you can get into your home today while you work on your credit, then once you feel you can qualify for institutional financing, you could then finance with the bank of your choice.

More info on Lease to Own:

Are you tired of making monthly rental payments? Think of all the money you've wasted in rent over the last few years. What do you have to show for it? Homeownership may seem to many to be an impossible dream. Saving enough money for a down payment while paying rent or trying to secure a mortgage with a low paying job or bad credit history, are only a few of the obstacles that make buying a home seem so difficult. Wouldn't it be great if some of these monthly payments could have gone toward the actual purchase price of your home?

Now they can! With our unique "Lease Option" program you can realize your dreams. The "Lease Option" program allows you to lease and occupy a home - while at the same time building equity towards the sale price that we set the day you sign the "Lease Option" agreement. Through this program... while you're living in your home of the future, you're also building equity, improving your credit, and putting yourself in a position where home ownership is not only possible, but easy.

This unique program truly makes homeownership a possibility for anyone with something to work with.

Cash Offers:

We have special discounts for all cash offers.

If you have the funds to close quick, then you can get discounts on the properties we get available.

So give us a try, see if we can help, if not, then maybe we can assist you in the steps to take to get you into a property at a later time. To assess your buying situation click here. Buyer’s questionnaire

Available Listings

These properties are sold on a first come first serve bases so if you see something that accommodates you then contact us as soon as possible.
Please, serious buyers only.

Click on Available Property Category

If interested, please complete the home buyer questionnaire and we will contact you as soon as possible..

Buyer’s questionnaire.

Please ask about other properties we are working to make available.

You can also ask to get on our email list to get periodic emails of different new properties (buy these homes before they go on the website).

Questions Asked by Home Buyers:

When can I see the inside of the property?

If you have selected one of our properties, and want to schedule an appointment to inspect the property, then please fill out the Home Buyer Questionnaire (this gives us a general ideal of your situation) and someone will contact you as soon as possible. (If you are already on our home buyers contact e-mail list then just call to set an appointment.)

We will then review with you your buying situation and try to determine the best possible way to structure the transaction so that it works for both parties.
We will then set up an appointment for you to review the inside of the property.

We understand that buyers are coming from different locations, so we are willing to answer all questions about the property before we schedule an appointment, so everyone's time is protected.

If you decide to move forward (after viewing the inside of the property & negotiations), then you will receive appropriate documents to move forward.

Are there any hidden repairs?
What about liens & back taxes?

Prior to closing you will receive full disclosures of everything we know about the property, you will also be given plenty of inspection time to review (or have a professional review) everything about the property

At closing a title insurance policy will be issued (showing title is clear of any liens), and taxes will be paid up to date.

How soon can we close?

If you are going to get financing from a mortgage broker then it usually takes around 4-8 weeks depending on the banks timing).

Cash deals are always the fastest.

If it’s a lease to own situation, you can possibly get in the property within 2 -4 weeks (then close/purchase the home at a later time).

We can also sometimes schedule the closing down the road if you need more time. Closing cost will be negotiated prior to closing.