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Wholesale Buyers

Wholesale "Cash" buyers can buy our deals at Discounts!

Most property we get under contract we are looking to move quickly.

Cash buyers can buy our property/deals at discounts (50-80% itv).

The type of property we wholesale are single family homes, multi units (small or large apartment buildings) and some commercial property.

We try to give good deals as we look for repeat business from our wholesale buyers.

To join Wholesale Buyers list ---> Wholesale Buyer Questionnaire

Our deals are sold on a first come first serve bases so if you get any emails that interest you, contact us as soon as possible.

Please, serious buyers only (no buyers looking to circumvent our deals & no buyers looking to waste time and can't close).

What is the difference between Wholesale buyers, and Bulk Asset buyers?

Wholesale Buyers are usually cash investors that buy property/deals (usually at a discount) for investment purposes. We work with and repeatedly assign deals to these investors. These deals are usually private seller assignment deals (wholesale).
Usually one property/deal at a time, and usually in the Erie/Niagara County Area.

You do not have to show proof of funds to review these properties/deals. To join our Wholesale buyers list, complete the wholesale buyer questionnaire.

Bulk Asset Buyers are also Wholesale Buyers but on a larger scale primarily dealing in Bulk Non performing Assets (Bulk REO's and Non Performing Notes). They buy in Bulk across Counties and States, either the full tape, many assets at one time, or cherry picking one at a time.

For access to bulk opportunities, you must be registered with proof of funds and be a direct buyer before we can work with you.

Its industry standard for bulk Asset buyers to provide proof of funds. Banks and institutional owners/sellers have established this rule/guideline.

To protect the assets tapes, regarding Bulk Asset Inventory, we will not disclose addresses until potential Bulk Asset buyer is registered with proof of funds.